Remote Assistance

Linktivity allows The Systems House to connect to your PC remotely and provide you with interactive assistance:

  1. Click on the Link below to access our help server.

  2. Click on the right text that says “Click Here to Join Queue”

  3. It will ask for your name, email, phone and question.

  4. It should now run through a browser test the first time you go to the website.

  5. If it asks you any security settings please allow all the connections.

  6. This should add you to the queue and you will be picked up.

  7. You may see a pop up asking to “Take Control”, click allow and this will let us remote control your PC.

Click Here to access the MDS Interactive Help Server


Remote Anything allows us to connect to your PC remotely with the least end user interaction.
  1. Click below and download the file

  2. Unzip the file and click slave.exe

  3. This will put a little red life preserver in your taskbar and allow us to connect to your PC.

  4. When remote assistance is completed double-click the uninstall_slave.exe to remove the slave application.

Click Here to download the TSH Remote Admin Software

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