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This site is designed to allow both customers and internal support staff to download the latest release of MDS for Windows

Last update: KPL 04/25/24

  Click here for Detailed Installation Instructions for Windows Installation

Once downloaded simply double click the setup.exe or unzip the file and run setup.exe

Contact TSH for our new MDS Autosetup tool.
No more entering all the settings manually on initial startup.
If you are using our Cloud Service this information was emailed to during your setup.

Current WinMDS Releases:

Version 12.2.3 for MDS Releases 12.90806 and above setup12203.exe

Patch Version 12.2.3 only for upgrading 11.5.7 and above to 12.2.3 patch12203.exe


Older WinMDS Releases:

 Script to Re-Register Controls mdsreg.vbs

Version 8.14.09 for MDS Releases 12.90806 and above

Click here for the Zip version:              
Click here for the self extracting .exe version: setup81409.exe
Click here for a patch if you are running 8.14.6 or above:  patch81409exe

Version 8.3.30 for MDS Releases 12.90710 and above

Click here for the Zip version:              
Click here for the self extracting .exe version: setup8330.exe
Click here for a 8.3.x to 8.3.30 patch version:  patch8330.exe

Version 8.2.1 for MDS Releases prior to 12.90710

Click here for the zip version:          
Click here for the self extracting .exe version: setup8201.exe

Click here for a 7.12 to 8.2.1 patch version:  patch8201.exe



Minimum Windows System Requirements:
1.5Ghz PC Celeron (Intel I3 or Better Suggested)
2GB of ram (4GB Suggested))
1GB of free disk space (10GB Suggested)
Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, (Windows 10 Suggested)

800X600 Screen Resolution (1024x768 Suggested)

Minimum Apple / Macos System Requirements: We suggest multiple options however all would require access to a licensed windows system:

1. Bootcamp: This would allow you to install a Windows system directly on your Mac by allowing
you to set a partition on your hard drive to allocate space for Windows ( This works with Intel based Macs)
2. Parallels: Allows you to install windows directly on Mac
3. VMWare: allows you to install a Virtual windows environment similar to Parallels, Vmware Fusion
4. Windows RDP Client: Would allow you to create an RDP (Remote Desktop) to a windows computer
where you can access MDS.

MDS-Nx Printer Support:
* Please note: when printing from a pdf any printer will likely work however we suggest these printer for the optimal use of our system.

Plain Paper Printers
HP Laserjet (Hewlett Packard) or HP PCL Compatible Printers
Black and White (color is not supported)
Print speed minimum 12PPM, recommended 32PPM
Network card (HP Jetdirect interface)
HP PCL 5 Compliant

Label Printers
Zebra or Zebra ZPL Compatible Printers
Black and White (color is not supported)
203 dpi print resolution at speeds up to 6 ips
Network card Ethernet interface
ZPL /ZPL II Compliant

Phone (973) 777-8050

Fax (973) 777-3063








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